Cat Grooming: 4 Tools Your Feline will Love!

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Cat Grooming: 4 Tools Your Feline will Love!

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Brushing our cats creates both relaxation and a stronger bond! Unfortunately, not all finicky felines love to be brushed. So, what’s a cat parent to do when it comes to cat grooming?

Cat Grooming: Get the Basics Right!

When it comes to cat grooming and ensuring your cat enjoys it (versus tolerating it), get the basics right!

The critical grooming basics include:

  • Using the best technique.
  • Minimizing external distractions, and
  • Using the cat grooming tools your cat loves!


Teach Your Cat to Enjoy Brushing by The Honest Kitchen


Your Cat Grooming Technique

To avoid having your cat throw a hissy fit or even become aggressive, approach all brushing sessions with a calm demeanor and patience!

Cat Being Groomed
Courtesy: Avery’s Pet Styling Salon

If you are anxious or short on time, your cat will notice your mood and let you know they are unhappy and uncooperative!

Never force your feline to accept unwanted brushing!
Doing so will only make matters worse.

If your feline is not crazy about being brushed, use lots of love, treats and short sessions! Slowly and gently stroke around the head, down the back, and along the sides. Avoid sensitive areas like the belly and underarms until your cat is completely comfortable with any brushing.

Also, regularly brush your cat to avoid painful mats!


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Minimize External Distractions

Until your cat is completely comfortable and happy with regular brushing, keep all external distractions to a minimum. Take your cat away from loud noises, playing kids or pets before brushing.

Build your cat’s confidence and trust by brushing in a quiet space with just yourself and your cat. Use the quiet time and space to re-connect with your cat one-on-one and nurture your overall bond.

The last critical piece is using cat grooming tools your cat loves!

Woman Brushing a Brown Cat
Courtesy: Melissa Dupont / Pixabay


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4 Cat Grooming Tools Your Feline Will Love!

Imagine your hair being brushed with a stiff, unyielding tool. You’d probably avoid it at all costs too! All pets have their preferences and tolerances so pay close attention to how your pet reacts to the grooming tools used and adjust if necessary.

Try these tools below to create a wonderful and comfortable brushing experience for you and your cat!

  1. Undercoat Deshedding Tools like the FURminator help reduce feline shedding up to 90% by gently and safely removing loose hair and undercoat without damaging the coat or cutting the skin.
  2. Blue Grooming Gloves for Pets

    Grooming Gloves like the Delomo Pet Grooming Glove with silicone grooming tips offer comfort and safety for the most sensitive feline by mimicking a cat’s gentle tongue.

  3. Slicker Brushes are enjoyed by most cats like the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. This grooming and de-matting brush will help remove tangles, mats, dander and loose hair while soothing and massaging sensitive skin.
  4. Silicone Cat Grooming Brush. Perfect for those extra-sensitive felines! The ultra-soft and comfortable silicone teeth will safely remove up to 90% of loose hair with no scratching or irritation of the skin. It’s also easy to clean by simply rinsing in water!


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Brushing our cats – and other pets – is necessary for their best health! But it’s also an important way to regularly connect and bond with them.


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Orange Cat Before and After Grooming
 Courtesy: Avery’s Pet Styling Salon

Avery’s Pet Styling Salon has you and your feline covered with mobile cat grooming!

Known to many of her clients as the “Fur Therapist,” Taria has been featured as a pet grooming expert on over 25 media outlets. Click here to learn more about Taria on LinkedIn.

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