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Avery’s, as the top pet grooming company in the Philadelphia area, sees a lot of different things, meets lots of different people, and has the privilege of working with all types of pets. 
Prior to starting any pet grooming session, our stylists conduct a full body health assessment to evaluate the pet. If we notice anything of concern, we inform the pet parent. This includes an oral examination. And quite often we recognize the onset of dental issues.
In fact, periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases affecting dogs, with a reported prevalence of at least 80% in dogs over 3 years of age.

Top 5 Things You Pet Owners about Periodontal Disease

Hi, I’m Taria Avery… owner of Avery’s Pet Styling Salon and creator of Avery’s All Natural Premium Dental Sticks.

Poor dental health increases the risk of bacterial infection in the bloodstream, which may cause damage to your pet’s body organs. Just like in humans, dogs need to keep their mouths clean to reduce excess levels of bacteria, plaque, and tartar build-up to keep their organs healthy. For many pet parents, brushing their dog’s teeth is not an option, and water additives may not be either.

To clean their dog’s teeth and reduce odor causing bacteria, many pet parents seek natural alternatives with probiotics and prebiotics to balance their pet’s health from the inside out.

Good oral hygiene can help prevent plaque buildup on teeth and along the gum line and reduce the bacteria in your fur-kids bloodstream.

Most pet parents do not realize that 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by the age of 3, and that simple, convenient daily solutions like all-natural dental sticks, chewing bones, and even a water additive may help to prolong your pet’s life.

Taria Avery, Avery's Pet Styling Salon & Boutique

Introducing Avery's All Natural Premium Dental Sticks

If you choose to go the natural route, choose an option with key ingredients to help your fur kid from the inside out.

Probiotics and prebiotics help maintain intestinal flora, gut health, and healthy organs. A balanced gut helps reduce illness throughout the body by keeping bacteria at a healthy level and aiding in proper digestion.

A few key ingredients to help with oral care include:

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