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We come to you!

Our in-person grooming services are 100% mobile.

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What You Should Know About Your Pet, But May Not!

Dog and Cat Playing on Ground

Our pets rely upon their guardians for their best life, health and well-being! There are basic things you should know about your pets, but do you?

Keep reading to learn what you should know about your pet!


What You Should Know About Your Canine

Black dog nose on a white dog

  1. Your dog should meet about 100 new people in their first few months for the best start on socialization!
  2. Your dog’s nose is a powerhouse! Consider this: humans have approximately 6 million olfactory receptors while dogs have 300 million (equaling a sense of smell approximately 100,000 times better than ours!)! Their wet noses help them absorb scent chemicals. So, it’s no wonder our dogs easily find forgotten food on the counter, in our beds and sofas! Set your dog up for success by putting all foods out of reach!
  3. Does Fido have stinky breath? This is not normal! Just like for their humans, bad breath comes from a build-up of bacteria in the mouth, gum disease, an issue in their gut or lungs. Encourage chewing, daily brushing your dog’s teeth and regular teeth cleaning by your groomer and vet.Dog's Paw resting on the ground
  4. Dogs sweat through their paws and that’s the reason your dog’s paws smell like corn chips – from built-up sweat and bacteria. Regularly clean your dog’s paws and pads with baby wipes or dog-friendly soaps, rinse completely and dry gently.
  5. Dogs are warmer than humans! The average temperature for humans is 98.6 degrees F. While our dogs range from 99.5 to 102.5 degrees F! Red eyes, lack of energy or appetite, vomiting, subtle changes in behavior or a dry, hot nose may be indications of a fever in your dog.
  6. Dogs can smell feelings! For example, a fearful human will perspire, and a dog can easily pick up on this scent.
  7. If a dog eats poop, it is not always a sign of a medical problem! Consult your vet.
  8. Research has proven that dogs do have a sense of time.


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What You Should Know About Your Feline

  1. Cats can live up to 20-plus years! Be ready for that kind of commitment!
  2. Some cats do like water! Felines who love water include the:
    • Turkish Angora
    • American Shorthair
    • Maine Coon
    • American Bobtail
    • Turkish Vanish Angora
  3. Black and White Cat's paws holding a treatCats dream just like dogs and humans.
  4. People are not allergic to the animal. They are allergic to the pet’s dander, saliva and urine (all containing a specific protein that causes allergic reactions in some people).
  5. Cats do not have collarbones which allow them to get into really tight spaces that are just big enough for their head.
  6. Never declaw your cat, it is inhumane and painful. Declawing is an amputation of your cat’s end section of the bone in each toe. Declawing can even cause “phantom pain” for the remainder of your cat’s life.
  7. One litter box is not enough for a multi-cat household! Always have more litter boxes than felines!
  8. Your cat’s teeth need regular brushing too!



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