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We come to you!

Our in-person grooming services are 100% mobile.

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What Your Groomer Knows About You and Your Pet!

Cute White Dog Being Groomed

Think your secrets are safe from your groomer? Think again!

Here is what your groomer knows about you and your pet, even if they don’t say anything!


Grey Poodle Getting Groomed


Let’s be honest here for a minute, ok? We all tell “little white lies,” especially if we think we can get away with them! Unfortunately, your groomer can see right through what you say or do not say! Yep, your pet will rat you out without needing to say a word!

So. which ones below are YOU guilty of telling (or not telling)?


What Your Groomer Knows: K9 Manners & Etiquette (or Lack Thereof)

This category includes difficult behaviors from barking to biting, Houdini skills and more. Be assured that your dog reveals all his dirty little secrets the minute he is alone with your groomer!

What is your dog revealing?


Your Dog is a Barker

Has your groomer ever made comments about how “talkative” your dog is when you’re not around? A non-stop “talkative” canine is enough to give anyone a  pounding headache!

Snarling Dog Ready to Bite

Your Dog is a Biter

Has your groomer ever casually mentioned a muzzle? It’s probably a direct reference to having to muzzle your dog to prevent dangerous biting.

Your Dog Doesn’t Have Basic Manners

Has your groomer ever mentioned what a “personality” your dog has? They probably don’t mean that in a good way! An untrained or misbehaved dog can make your groomer’s job much more difficult!

Your Dog is an Escape Artist

If the phrase, hide-and-seek comes up in your conversation with your groomer, it’s a subtle way of letting you know your dog loves to escape and hide. Unfortunately, this behavior can create a longer grooming appointment and rile up other dogs in the grooming salon.


Always be upfront with your groomer so they can be prepared to deal with your dog’s personality and potential bad habits! Also, if you hear any of these comments from your groomer, get some professional training to address any bad habits immediately. Your groomer will appreciate it!

What Your Groomer Knows About YOU!

This category reveals more about you than your pet!


You Don’t Brush Your Dog Enough

Do you have a constant K9 shedder? If you don’t deal with it regularly, the burden falls to your groomer.

If you come to pick up your dog and the groomer mentions they had to trim your dog “shorter” this time, that probably means they had to deal with uncontrolled matting and tangles.

Dog Who Needs a Haircut

You Don’t Clip Your Dog’s Nails, Clean their Ears, Teeth or Anal Glands Often Enough

If add-on salon services are regularly suggested, it’s a subtle way of letting you know your dog’s body needs more consistent attention to these areas.

You Haven’t Checked Your Dog for Fleas/Ticks or Other Parasites

If the groomer makes a point of getting you to see your vet with your pet, they are trying to let you know that something needs medical attention. Always check your dog or pet regularly for parasites, lumps or stiffness. Have your vet check them out instead of just leaving it for your groomer to find and mention to avoid your pet being uncomfortable or in pain.

So, before you take your dog in for their next grooming appointment, be honest with yourself about your dog’s not-so-great habits. Put yourself in your groomer’s position and aim to make their day easier by proactively dealing with your dog’s bad habits, behaviors and day-to-day grooming!

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