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We come to you!

Our in-person grooming services are 100% mobile.

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If Pets Could Talk!

Amazon Parrot with Woman

If our pets could talk, what would they say? It’s a mystery older than time! 

Would dogs complain about their daily dried-out kibble?

Would cats reveal their plans for world domination?

Would hamsters demand a power-driven wheel?

Would parrots share how they really feel about us?


 Cartoon of a Dog


Check out these other comical animal conversations by Jimmy Craig on BoredPanda.com!




Animals Do Speak …

It has often been said, “Animals do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” Our pets speak volumes through their facial expressions, body language and behaviors (just like humans whose own nonverbal communication is between 70-93%!).

Humans often try to attribute human traits, thoughts and emotions (called anthropomorphic characteristics) to their pets – especially dogs – but while fun in the moment, these attempts really do a great disservice to our pets who are anything but human regardless how much we love them and even if we view them as members of our family!


Cover of the Book, Doggie Language


Want to understand what your dog is trying to tell you through his body language?


Get the “Doggie Language Guide” by Lili Chin!





But with some knowledge and experience, it is possible to “read” your dog/pet and understand what they are communicating, even without words. Unsure how to start? Reach out to local experts and trainers or search for online resources that illustrate and explain body language for an accurate interpretation of what your pet is saying!

But you probably already understand MORE than you think!

No Words Needed!

Despite the fact our pets cannot verbalize in our language, anyone who has a pet in their life knows how smart they are! In fact, most pets train us rather than the other way around even without words!

Do not believe this is true?

  • Doesn’t your dog let you know when his walk or dinner is late?
  • Hasn’t your cat let you know they don’t appreciate the new kitty litter by finding a new place to “do their business?”
  • When was the last time you threw a ball and your dog waited for you to go retrieve it?
  • And what cat has not made it abundantly clear that bathing is never, ever an acceptable activity!

Yes, our pets are somehow able to share – and even train us – with their opinions and feelings about what goes on in their world even without the use of words!


If Animals Could Talk Graphic



Check out this fun infographic “If Your Pet Could Talk!”






If Pets Could Talk, What They WOULD Say!

Gorilla Cartoon

Who has not wished to be Dr. Dolittle even for a day?!

It is fun imagining what our pets would say to us if they could talk, but without a doubt, our pets would be the first to tell us how much they love us. (Well, at least dogs would, cats may not be so forthcoming!)

They could also tell us when they are sick, feeling pain or are injured since most pets hide these conditions to avoid showing weakness … an age-old trait in the wild.

Tell us what you think in the comment below!

  • What do you think animals would say?
  • Which animal would be the rudest?
  • Or the most boring?
  • How about the most interesting?


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Lili Chin

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