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How to Keep Your House Clean with Pets

How can you keep your house clean when you have pets?

How to keep your house clean with pets? That’s a great question and we’re going to talk about that today.

Now this is an ongoing issue with people that have dogs that shed a lot, or you have cats that shed a lot, or you have birds that leave droppings and all kinds of stuff in your house. Today’s tips were brought to us by Angela Brown, #AskaHouseCleaner.

As a person, you need a clean sanitary place to live. How do you keep your house clean? There are things you can do in between groomings! With that said, let’s talk for a second about dogs.

Upgrade your sofa.

Make sure that you have a leather, or a tightly-woven fabric sofa, so that when your animals sit on the sofa, that it doesn’t leave all this hair stuck in the fabric, right?

It’s a sofa that you can wipe off with a rag if they’re dirty, or that you can vacuum up with a vacuum, so it’s kind of a dual purpose.

Use a Simple Pet Bed

And, if you have a pet bed where your pet sleeps at night, they don’t need these soft furry cushiony things. I mean we see these in the store, and we’re like, “Oh, that would be so comfortable for my pet.”

Well, the pet already has a whole layer of fur on the outside of them, so they’re already cushioned, and padded, and all that stuff anyway, they don’t need extra cushioning and extra padding.

So a really slick shiny mat, like something that’s vinyl or leather, that’s going to be perfect for them. Their body will warm up the space that they’re in, it will be soft and comfortable, and it won’t have all this extra fur that will trap the hair that you then have floating around your house. So that lets you vacuum it up, or wipe it up very easily. And do that on a daily basis, so keep the hair to a minimum.

Get a great vacuum!

Get a great vacuum that is designed for pet hair, because as long as you have an animal, you’re going to have pet hair. You’ll want to make sure that you can vacuum that all up so that the globs of hair don’t go skating around your hardwood floors and your tile.

Another recommendation is to make sure that you have your animal in one spot. So when they come in from outside, and they’re damp and muddy, especially during these winter times when they run outside for a break, they come inside, and they’re wet and muddy, and slimy ,and you know, then they come into your house, and then they get everything wet and muddy and slimy.

So keep your pet in one spot. Have a great big mat that’s right there inside the garage door or the backdoor where they come in, and as they come in, let that be a hub where you stop and you clean them up, and you dry them off.

Uses a Vacuum/Blower Dryer

A house cleaner that wrote in, shared one of the best pieces of advice she ever got was from her vet. Her vet recommended a particular vacuum/blow dryer. It’s not for people, it’s for pets, and it has a little series of attachments that kind of comb the dog’s hair, and as the dog is wet, and he comes in from outside, you can blow-dry that extra hair, and then vacuum it up so that it doesn’t get scattered all over your house. One of the best investments she said she’d ever made.

Now today with us we have a show correspondent who is a professional house cleaner, Brit Greenwood, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she’s also a pet owner, and we asked her advice, and here’s what she shared with us.

“The number one thing I can tell any client, especially with a heavy shedding dog is to, as frequently as possible, daily if possible, to brush the dog outside the home. When you brush the dog outside the home, the hair stays outside, and it does not come inside and is less for you to clean inside. So I know it’s simple, but it’s definitely worth doing”.

Now while your dog is on the mat, and you’ve just brought your dog in from outside, you’ve just brushed their hair, your dog is all groomed, he comes inside, there’s also the dog plunger.

Dog Plunger Paw Cleaner

We got lots of positive feedback from people that purchased the dog plunger, and they said what they didn’t realize is the dogs love it because of the silicone fingers that are inside, it massages the dog’s paws.

When the dogs come in, they put their paws up, like, “Hey, I want to put my paw in the plunger.” It gives them a chance to massage their paws, and it pulls all the dirt and all the grime off their paws before they then go tracking it throughout the house. These were a huge hit, and everybody really loved those for their dogs.

Okay. Those are just a few tips about how to keep your house clean when you have pets. I hope that you found this helpful.

Taria Avery, Avery's Pet Styling Salon & Boutique

I’m the owner of Avery’s Pet Styling Salon and Boutique. We offer comprehensive mobile pet grooming services for pet parents who want a professional pet grooming service to simplify their pet care decisions and enhance their lifestyle. I am also the owner of Avery’s Holistic Paws, the creator of Probiotic Dental Sticks for Dogs.



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